My work is my labour of love - I have the privilege of witnessing some of the most precious moments of peoples lives and capturing it so that they can keep it in their memory forevermore. I want to create beautifully artistic images and capture those heartfelt moments that you should never forget. My pictures hope to bring out the best in you and to really capture the spirit of your special day so you can relive every moment!


Working in an unobtrusive way, I like to reflect your day at it’s best, in a fresh, but timeless fashion! My work brings flattering soft light & tones, mimicking what you would most commonly see within vintage film photography.

My style is generally lots of candid, natural, lovingly captured portrait shots. I want to tell your unique ‘story’ for you to treasure for a lifetime and make you smile. I’m also quite obsessed with light and where it falls to get the most flattering images, and when the sun gets beautiful and golden in the evening that’s my absolute favourite!


I have a degree in photography, my background is in fashion & documentary photography, and I also used to teach Photography. I am an experienced, positive and passionate person that excepts nothing less than the best. Please feel free to take a peek at my ‘reviews’ page.